Top 5 Complaints of Moms

Parenting is wonderful, fulfilling, and full of glorious love filled moments.  It can also be hard, real hard.  I have compiled a list, (taken from true research, I assure you) of many a mother’s biggest complaint.

(Side Note:  Most of the mom’s I know love being a mom, truly love it, and RARELY complain.)

5.  Backtalk.  Since when is it OK for a five year old, or even a two year old, to talk to you like they own the place, hands on hips, complete and utter disrespect.

4. Exhaustion.  Being a parent is exhausting even with a full nights sleep.  Throw a leaking diaper and a bad dream into the mix and this is verging on torture.


3. WHINING.  That sound that escapes a wee one’s mouth and you are not quite sure which alien has taken hold on your child.  I must refrain from running away when the whining starts.

2.  Husband/Ex-Husband/Significant Other issues:  Men are different than women.  Some suck, some are wonderful.  (You can not change them)

And the number one complaint from Mommy’s near and far……….

1. Life Balance:  Me time?  What is that?

mommy time


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