The PGA Has Arrived

Every April on Hilton Head Island, the PGA rolls in for the annual Heritage Golf Tournament.  Among the locals, you will find two trains of thought.  One is, stay home, don’t leave your drive way, the island is packed to the gills with tourists who don’t know where they are going, they get lost in our many traffic circles, and jam our bike paths.  I am of the other mind set…BRING IT ON!  I live on the more residential North End of the Island, the Heritage Tournament is played on the South End in the Sea Pines Resort.  Even though I may not be affected by the tournament directly, I can feel the energy of it.  The whole island starts buzzing with excitement during Heritage Week.  The schools are closed, everyone is busy, and the restaurants are packed.

The first year my husband went with our son, our son beat him in a putting contest hosted by a sponsor.  He made four putts to my husband’s three.  At the time he had just turned six and was apparently the talk of the tent.  He still has the prize he won, tells the story proudly, and thinks he is a better golfer than his dad.

The coveted prize in the putting contest.

The coveted prize in the putting contest.

If you happen to find yourself on Hilton Head Island during the golf tournament, enjoy yourself, plan ahead, eat at One Hot Mama’s and bring your plaid.

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