Moving to Hilton Head

Coastal Parenting can take place anywhere along the miles and miles of coastline in our country, but at this Coastal Parenting Blog, we are biased to Hilton Head Island.  Moving to Hilton Head, or any other coastal town, is a dream for many.  You really can make it a realty with a little planning.  It may take years to get all your pieces in place, or you may just have to sell your home.

Port Royal Plantation-1014

One family just recently relocated to the low country because they wanted to, and they each had work from home jobs in place.  Some folks focus a job search on the area and wait until the right opportunity comes by.  Still others quit their jobs, and on a wing and a prayer make moving to Hilton Head look pretty simple.

However you get here, know that the area if full of wonderful communities, miles of beaches, golf, restaurants, shopping and more.




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