Lions, and Tigers, and Gators….Oh My.

Coastal Parenting is a unique life.  Before we sold our house, quit our jobs and moved to an island off of South Carolina to raise our children by the sea, I didn’t really give alligators much thought.   Now I think of alligators daily, you hear stories about them crawling up onto peoples porches, mistaking the backyard pool for a lagoon, and sometimes, (once in three years) they will show up lost and disoriented in the sandy surf of the ocean where they don’t belong.

When we started our hunt for our ‘forever’ house, we were island newbies, and I was insistant that we did not look at a single house on a lagoon.  I had small children and a dog and I had heard too many crazy alligator stories.  I googled alligator attacks on children and found nothing, so I felt safer, but still would not look at property on a lagoon.  Well as life would have it, my ‘forever’ house, the one that spoke to me, directly in my ear with a persistent “buy me, buy me, buy me” the one I made my husband go back and look at 3 times, the one that had more square footage than we ever imagined, but needed a complete overhaul, the house we closed on was on a lagoon.

ImageI talked to the woman we bought the house from and she told us that there were gators in the lagoon, (a given) there are gators in every lagoon, but that she had only once seen one on her side of the lagoon, and never in the yard.  This reassured me a little bit.   So early on, we would see a gator sunning himself on the other side of the lagoon.Image,

He generally does stay on that side of the lagoon, that is where it is sunnier.  The thing about gators that a lot of visitors to our island do not know is that once they are fed by a human, they become more aggressive.  They are not smart creatures, they have been on this earth for a very long time, but I believe they have a very small brain.  So, if you are a visitor to this island, please look from a cautious distance, and



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