I am a Momtrepreneur.  I love my kids, my husband, my dog and most importantly I love the beach.  That is not to imply that I love the beach more than my children, or my husband, but it is my love for the beach that fueled this entire adventure.   For those of you who dream of one day selling your house, quitting your job and raising your children on an island, this is for you!  We did just that.


I love to cook, read, sit in my hot tub and watch my children play.  I don’t like to clean, stay up late, or leave my island.  Three years ago we called it quits from the rat race and moved from the Philadelphia Suburbs to Hilton Head Island, SC.  My husband sold medical equipment and I was an On-Air Guest on QVC.  We traded long hours, lots of traffic and snow for sandy piggies, alligators and year round warmth.  We re-worked our career choices to make employment on Hilton Head possible.   I wish I could tell you that we are independently wealthy and just fish, golf, and beach all day, but sadly I have not yet won the lottery, so we continue to work for a living, it is just a mega perk to be able to ride our bikes to the beach.

Coastal Parenting brings a new dimension to child rearing, and I believe it is one area of parenting I have mastered.  I can bring two kids, a baby, an umbrella, chair,  picnic lunch, towels, toys, diapers, a bottle, a jogging stroller, camera, changes of clothes, baby powder, a book, and sometimes a dog to the beach without blinking an eye.  I can tell you how to plan a beach themed birthday party, cook a LowCountry Boil or have an Oyster Roast,and play toss the shells.  I can help you teach your little one’s beach manners, and very importantly I can help you train your toddler to go potty in the ocean, this goes against everything you ever taught them when you were potty training them.

I am a firm believer that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  I hope you enjoy Coastal Parenting and come back often.   Look for product reviews, things to do, places to go, children’s activities and guest blogs from mom’s in other coastal locations.

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