A Stormy Sea Trout

When we moved to Hilton Head, it came with an Honorary Meteorology Degree from the college of weather.com.  I am a compulsive weather checker, I check the 5 day, the 10 day, the hourly, I look at the radar maps, the works.  The last thing I want is to find myself stuck on the beach with the kids in the middle of a thunderstorm.  I say stuck, because sometimes these storms come out of nowhere in this sub-tropical climate, and with two kids and a baby, getting off the beach in general  makes for good entertainment to those around us.  If we have to do anything quickly it becomes comedy hour.  I try to never have to rush.

One of my first memories of bad weather was Fourth of July in the mid 80’s on a sailboat.  We were on the Chesapeake Bay, and it got nasty fast.  I think my parents were scared, but to my eight year old mind, it was memorable because It was the first and only time I ever got sea sick.  I think I turned green like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Circa 1984

Circa 1984

We do not have a boat yet, much to my husband’s dismay, he would love a small fishing boat, I would love a small boat with a cabin for napping babies, mixing drinks, and using the port-o-pots small boats are famous for.  I am only speculating, but I assume that when we do get a boat, it comes with a neatly framed Doctorate Degree in Meteorology, from the school of google.  Well boat or no boat, storms do roll in, and tonight my husband was fishing when this one came through.

...and the clouds roll in.

…and the clouds roll in.

I used to call him when I would see a storm rolling in and tell him there’s a storm rolling in.  He would laugh and tell me that he was standing on a little piece of sand surrounded by water, of course he knew there was a storm rolling in.  He saw the storm long before I did.   So therefore, I don’t call him anymore, now I just keep checking the front window to see if he is home.    Tonight he got home before the rain started, and didn’t have tales of fighting the big one, but he did have tales of a big mullet in his cast net and a stormy sea trout.

A stormy little sea trout.

A stormy sea trout.

So even when the clouds are rolling in, the fish are still biting.

One thought on “A Stormy Sea Trout

  1. Can’t speak for your Father but I was always nervous in a storm. Guessing your Dad was not totally calm either – might have been if I wasn’t fussing.

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