A Cottage by the Sea

I have always dreamed of living in a cottage by the sea, the charm and cozy feeling that comes with a cottage when you can smell the salt air is something that I long for, something that soothes the mind, body and soul.  When we moved to Hilton Head in 2010, we looked at cottages by the sea, but as a primary home to a family of 5 with a dog, a quaint cottage just wasn’t practical.  However, every summer I take the kids back to my old stomping grounds of Ocean City, New Jersey, and for two weeks I get to live my Cottage by the Sea dream.

My Cottage by the Sea.

My Cottage by the Sea.

My good friend Michelle is lucky enough to own a cottage in Ocean City that she rents out.  Michelle has been in our lives for many years, spending Christmas Eve sleepovers at our house, and visiting me when my baby was born, needless to say, she is special to us, and I have fallen deeply in love with her cottage. I am not sure when the cottage was built, but it is loaded with beachy charm, original built-in cabinets in the kitchen, big white woodwork, hardwood floors, an enormous front porch and a palette of soft colors that awakens the inner beach bum in anyone.

This reminds me of the original Butler's Pantry that was in the house my husband grew up in.

This reminds me of the original Butler’s Pantry that was in the house my husband grew up in.

It is not big, but it is functional.  I am here with my kids, all three of them, while my husband stayed back on Hilton Head, so for the four of us it is perfect.  For all our visitors, it has also been perfect.  One night we had three moms and nine kids sleeping here, it accommodated all of us.  Another night we had 5 kids and 6 adults, again, it accommodated us all.

I have been living the epitomy of coastal parenting the last few weeks, walking to the beach, boardwalk, arcade, mini-golf and ice cream!  Soon I will be back on my little island, some people say the beach is the beach, but each little beach community is different, has a different vibe and energy, and I love them all.

Love Ocean City, NJ.

Love Ocean City, NJ.


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