Top 5 Complaints of Moms

Parenting is wonderful, fulfilling, and full of glorious love filled moments.  It can also be hard, real hard.  I have compiled a list, (taken from true research, I assure you) of many a mother’s biggest complaint.

(Side Note:  Most of the mom’s I know love being a mom, truly love it, and RARELY complain.)

5.  Backtalk.  Since when is it OK for a five year old, or even a two year old, to talk to you like they own the place, hands on hips, complete and utter disrespect.

4. Exhaustion.  Being a parent is exhausting even with a full nights sleep.  Throw a leaking diaper and a bad dream into the mix and this is verging on torture.


3. WHINING.  That sound that escapes a wee one’s mouth and you are not quite sure which alien has taken hold on your child.  I must refrain from running away when the whining starts.

2.  Husband/Ex-Husband/Significant Other issues:  Men are different than women.  Some suck, some are wonderful.  (You can not change them)

And the number one complaint from Mommy’s near and far……….

1. Life Balance:  Me time?  What is that?

mommy time


Why I LOVED the Nationwide Commercial

I seem to be in the minority when I tell you that I absolutely loved that disturbing and depressing Nationwide commercial during last nights Superbowl. I enjoy football, and it was a great game, but I am one that watches the Superbowl for the commercials and  the Fab Fairy’s Buffalo Pierogies.  For anyone wondering, I am a marketing consultant, so my professional eye is glued to the commercials.  I watch with an eye for messages, comparisons, trends, and to determine if the advertisers millions were worth it.

As far as the Nationwide commercial, it seems to be getting the most facetime today. It  is blowing up my facebook feed with haters and memes.

If you have not seen the seriously depressing Nationwide commercial, check it out here on Youtube.

Did you hate it? That is OK, it is a hate worthy commercial.  A young child full of dreams dies in a senseless accident.  The goal of Nationwide with this multi-million dollar budget was not to sell insurance, although they will see an increase of calls today, but to bring awareness and spark conversation.

As a mother, I am a worst case scenario, pathologically safety crazed, keep my babies safe at all costs mother.  As a mother, I have seen, experienced, and been heartbroken by senseless accidents.  As a mother, I watched that commercial last night with the shaggy haired boy full of dreams, and my heart wanted him to be a super star.  As a mother, I gasped when the commercial turned dark.  As a mother, I wanted to hug my babies, and reassure them that my job was to keep them safe, and teach them to make safe decisions.

As a marketing professional, I want to thank Nationwide for sparking such a discussion, and for potentially saving countless children from senseless accidents.  Mission Accomplished.  On the football side of things, this meme is also hot today.

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 My most hated commercials were the McDonald’s Commercials.  Sorry Mickey D’s but no amount of money or sappy commercials will make me return to your establishment.